What is up guys and welcome back to another Wrath of the Lich King classic video. Today I’ll be talking about my plans for fresh wrath classic. And for those of you who don’t know yet, fresh servers have been confirmed for the pre Patch Wrath of the Lich King Classic. So we will have time to level up characters on brand new series starting completely fresh or buy WoW WOTLK gold to make things easier.

And they will also be an experience if you stack them on the stretch service, as well as all of the TBC classic service for the duration of the party itself, so people can level up even faster. I am 100% Planning to play on one of these stress surveys. I haven’t decided which one yet, but I will let you know on my Discord survey, which you can join down below in the video description just in case you wanted to play on the same survey. And there are two main reasons why I am personally planning to play on a fascist survey.

First of all, the leveling process of refresher service is amazing seeing 1000s of people in the starting zones doing dungeons together once you hit level 15 During ragefire chasm or did the Deadmines where they fill a group of other people leveling up. Everyone having fun and just leveling up together. It really is a vibe of its own and personally leveling up on Freshservice have always been something that I’ve enjoyed doing a lot. And I’m really looking forward to doing the same on the fresh wrath servers.

Secondly, a fresh economy is desperately needed by now. But having flooded the economy with literally millions of Bburago the prices of everything just keeps going up because of artificial inflation. Do you the KPIs and major boosting have already made people literally millions of gold, and too many people are sitting on too much of gold right now in my opinion.

Original WOTLK Classic Game Pack

Not that that is too much of a problem in general. But if a new player wants to join the game right now, knowing people have hundreds of 1000s of gold. While they have nothing could be a massive turnoff. Or it could also even lead to that new player buying gold illegally. A fresh economy will allow anyone who really wants to make a lot of gold incredibly quick, and the fresh economy simply brings with it so many opportunities that the current TVC classic economy does not provide, don’t get me wrong and they want who really wants to and puts in the work or has the knowledge and skill can make easy gold on the current progression of service to but it’s just a lot easier with a fresh market.

And a fresh market also allows a new players to purchase important items without the inflated cost, making it much more casual and a new player friendly. So let’s address the title of this video. What exactly is my plan on the fresher survey? Let’s divide this into a couple of categories. We have leveling content and the goal making but first of all, I’m just going to say this, I am going to play a paladin Paladin. So I’m just amazing in wrath and I honestly just want to level a paladin with the rock class changes. So I’m definitely playing a paladin here.

So with that said, let’s talk about leveling. I’m going to go absolutely hum like no life ham and cheese type of ham. I’m going to play the game so much I’m probably going to quit before the release of wrath. Nobody really I’m planning to speed level just to get that out of the way. And there’s a very specific reason for this which I will get into later down the line as it kind of ties in with everything else asked for the leveling process itself. I’m planning to quest and do a couple of dungeons whenever I see fit all the way up to level 58.

At which point I will either find a group or I will find one beforehand and span dungeons all the way up to level 70. The reason for this is that I can go back or I want to save as many quests as possible in Outland. So I can go back and complete them at level 70 For even more gold. When it comes to content and the game itself, I’m not really planning to do a lot of TBC raiding, I mean the pre patch is already pretty short. So I will focus on getting my character ready for wrath, but I will be looking to obtain items such as the figurine of the Colossians which is pretty important.

And I’m basically just going to focus on getting the gear that I need and scaling up my decided professionals to the maximum TBC skill so I’m ready to go for wrath. In this specific scenario. I’m going to go for herbalism and mining for easy golden wrath, and I will probably switch this out later down the line. The reason I choose herbalism and mining on a Paladin is for the Crusader aura and retribution talent movement speed bonus, allowing me to gather things pretty damn fast. Plus, I can switch professions later down the line to form gold in different ways.

WOTLK Classic Gold Tanking

Like for example, the Oculus skinning forum. So gold making first off I mentioned I was saving all of the Outland quests for when I’m level 17 This is a strategic choice as these are fresh servers with a fresh economy and having raw gold gives you a lot of power. People will need raw gold to train class abilities you will talent specialization mount riding, flying epic flying and people also just want raw gold going into wrath.

So people will need raw gold like never before. Gold Making is all about supply versus demand and the demand for raw gold will be sky high with a very limited supply. So by having a lot of raw gold as soon as possible, you can capitalize on some dirt cheap materials that could function as a rough investments. As a quick example here golden pearls, which I certainly for attending gold each right now are one of the investments listed in my Roth Gold declined. And I’m willing to bet this will be a lot cheaper on the fresh surveys than they are on the current servers.

Same goes for flame caps as well and definitely herbs and words from calendaring and Eastern Kingdoms. So you can invest into these items and multiply your gold several times over the years. The second that transfers open to you and from the service people we will be jumping over with millions of gold and the prices will skyrocket like crazy. So my plan is basically to level up as fast as possible. Save up as many quests as possible during those quests for raw gold form even more raw gold in Stratholme as a protection paladin, if I can get the required gear in time, otherwise, I will just do some some family farming and spend literally all of my golden wrath investments, knowing they are 99 point 99% likely to go up in price by a lot later down the line.

This is also the perfect opportunity to shout out my WOTLK Gold Guide, which contains all of my wrath investments. So by purchasing this guide, you know exactly which items to buy on these fresh surveys. And I’m even working on a version for the fresher series, which will be given out for free to anyone who has purchased this gold guide. And there’s also an exclusive Discord server for anyone who purchases the guide where I will tell you what I’m currently investing in and when to sell off different investments, as well as just a share additional gold making information.

So if you’re interested in gold making at all, I definitely recommend checking out that gold going through the link down below in the video description. And by using the code Solheim, you can also get it for 50% off. So those are my plans for the fresh service during the pre patch. But what about in Wrath of the Lich King? Yeah, well, it’s basically just about the same level up from 70 to 80, preferably by dungeons once again.

So I can save up as many quests as possible for max level for raw gold because once again, transfers to these servers won’t be open for several months missile moving into Wrath of the Lich King wrong gold will still be in very high demand. So my one advice here is to save as many quests as per as possible for max level. Once that is done, I will work on maintaining my farming gear, as well as pre arranged Best in Slot gear, so I can get ready for some rough raiding as well as farm a lot of gold.

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These surveys are also probably the best service if you’re looking to be able to obtain roof materials for gold without forming yourself because they will be inflated to heaven and beyond on the current surveys, like the document quality greatness will probably sell for 50,000 gold or more on our current surveys. While it will probably sell for 5000 Or maybe 10,000 gold on these first servers.

That means that rat investments will also be cheaper on this fetch service. So if you are able to farm raw gold and invest that gold, you are in a really good position for the future. And because prices are so different if you can purchase items that you know will be important throughout the entirety of wrath, or just tying your purchase purchases correctly. You can multiply your goals several times over. Like in the example above if the document called greatness is selling for 50,000 gold on our current series, but 5000 gold on the fashion service.

If I can purchase that document called greatness for 5k on the fresh service a couple of weeks before transfers open and I resell that for 40 to 50k. That is a lot of very easy profit. Long story short as long as you play your cards right, these fresh servers are a golden opportunity. Get it for anyone that’s in the gold making and once again, if you are serious about gold making, I will do whatever I can to help anyone who purchases my gold guide to make as much gold as possible.

Once again the link is down below. Either way, that is pretty much a video I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you found that helpful. Smash the like button if you did and subscribe for more videos in the future. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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