Things you SHOULD do at lvl 80 in WOTLK Classic

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finally reaching max level and getting a character level 80 is great.

But now what there’s a ton of material that is new to learn and you’ve got to be ready. Today we’re going to be sharing with you some things you should do once you hit level 80 and wrath of Lich King classic, starting off with number one to keep on questing. Once you hit max level and an expansion quest rewards don’t include experience anymore. Instead, they include extra gold. This extra gold can be used to buy a wide variety things like mounts, flying license, gear, profession, materials, and more as you’re along the path of the endgame.

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Not only that, but finishing up quest chains, awards achievements, as well as a ton of gear for a wide variety of specializations. Because of Wrath of Lich Kings, a wide variety of strong classes and specs, and dual specialization being the thing you never know when you might need to swap specs for a specific moment. And this starter gear could be great for getting you into things like Dungeons, and maybe even heroics. Eventually. These quests also give reputation specifically to certain reps that give pre raid best in slot for all types of classes. So definitely be on the lookout for which reps to farm first for your class, which then takes us to our second very important thing you need to do at level 80 Is farm faction reputation.

Faction reputation is a massive and wrath of Lich King, and it’s something you definitely need to focus on while you’re leveling up. The gear from these reputation rewards are absolutely insane for certain classes. For too many play DPS classes, the ebb and blade and sons of hodi reputation gives a ton of great gear. For casters, it’s all about the cure and tour tanks, the warm rush reputation, it’s all going to be very valuable to you. It’s no doubt that these items are better than greens, dungeon blues, and even heroic purples in some cases, easily making it your pre raid Best in Slot prepping you for raid entirely.

Not only do they give great items, but they also give very good specific insurance as rewards for your shoulders and head pieces as well as offering exclusive rewards like mounts also. And what better way to farm out your reputation rather than to slap on their tab art and go farm dungeons. I know this seems like an obvious one but I’m serious. Dungeons of Wrath of Lich King are amazing for getting you that great gear to be able to get into starting heroic dungeons and integrating. This is not some big secret. So I don’t want to harp on this for too long.

But grinding your reputation as well as farming dungeons for your Priebus and gathering some Frozen Orbs along the way is going to be the big key to getting some phenomenal gear very, very quickly for your spec. The sooner you can hop into heroics, and start farming out these epic slash blue pieces for your gear set. The sooner you can begin writing which moves me on to my next big thing you should do at level 80 professions. professions are going to be super critical to your character overall come wrath of Lich King and it is definitely something you do not want to sleep on this time around. Each specific profession has a massive impact on how your character is played.

Overall in wrath. professions are not only an amazing way to earn gold, it can be an incredible way to earn amazing year with the new Frozen orb system. Frozen Orbs are wrath of Lich Kings equivalent to a primal Nethers. But now they’re not bound on pickup. If you didn’t know you get these powerful reagents from defeating endgame bosses from heroic dungeons and it can be used to craft very powerful items like Titan seal destroyer, engineering goggles, caster DPS weapons, epic armor, and so much more. professions are getting a major facelift overall. And they even give you specific stat buffs for which profession you choose as well as a bonus. So many people slept on professions in the classic and TBC. But you will be making a huge mistake on doing so in Wrath of lich king by missing out on all these benefits.

Next up, we have finding a guild that suits your style of play. Now most people what they do when they’re looking for a guild is just pick the first guild they’ve seen trade chat and ask for an invite and then you know, just go clear some content with whoever they find. But honestly, I think you’d be making a huge mistake by doing so. This is a huge detail that should not be slept on. Because who you surround yourself with and who you play the game with on a daily basis will heavily affect how you end up feeling about the game. If you’re more of a casual type of player, maybe it wouldn’t be best to get into a hardcore raiding Guild and to rather put yourself in an environment that best suits you.

People you can even build friendships with and when you finally meet the bosses all on your own terms, it can be something truly special that you’ll never forget. And remember always, even with the huge opportunity and brand new servers come wrath, the Lich King, you even have the chance to make your own guild with maybe some new friends or new people to try to create a community that you’d really enjoy that doesn’t have to be so hardcore all the time. If you want to be hardcore and speed run through all the content I mean, then by all means do it.

No matter what your style is. It’s very important to surround yourself with people and a collective community that shares the same goals. There are some great ways to gear up in Wrath of Lich King and with the viability of almost every speck in the game being at least good in one form of content. It’s going to be such an incredible time to play the game. Remember ladies and gentlemen We are going to be playing on the new fresh server with the pre patch launchers.

So if you all are interested in teaming up with the combat kids on the beach of Northrend comm launch day, be sure to stick around for some news postings from us. I want to thank you all so much for watching this video. Please Please don’t forget to hit like if you’re if you really enjoy the content and want to see more, subscribe and ring that notification bell. I want to thank you all so much. My name is Skye from the combat kids. And I’ll see you on the next one. Remember, you can always buy WOTLK account which you can use as an ALT from websites like DDClub.