Why Wait Before WOTLK Pre-Patch Before Making Alts?

08-04-2022 TBC Classic - WAIT Until WOTLK Prepatch Before You Level Up Alts

What is up guys, it’s swollen here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video. So today we are talking about leveling up alts in TBC classic, as I’ve recently started leveling up a couple of altar Yum, now that we have the plus 50% experience above through the joyous journey event, which will last until the Wrath of the Lich King launches. That being said, though, there is one thing I think you guys need to know about, which is my gold guide. No, just kidding. I actually won’t be shouting that out in this video.

But seriously, though, this is actually quite important. If you have any altered level 59 or above, I recommend saving these for the wrath prepatch because the amount of experience required per level, in order to level up is actually reduced by a substantial amount when the pre patch arrives. First of all, I want to give a huge shout out to Cago for this video idea.

Is It Better To Make Main on Fresh WOTLK Server Than Alt on An Old One?

The New Servers are listed below:

  1. WOTLK Server 1
  2. WOTLK Server 2
  3. WOTLK Server 3
  4. WOTLK Server 4
  5. WOTLK Server 5
  6. WOTLK Server 6
  7. WOTLK Server 7
  8. WOTLK Server 8
  9. WOTLK Server 9
  10. WOTLK Server 10
  11. WOTLK Server 11
  12. WOTLK Server 12
  13. WOTLK Server 13
  14. WOTLK Server 14
  15. WOTLK Server 15
  16. WOTLK Server 16
  17. WOTLK Server 17
  18. WOTLK Server 18
  19. WOTLK Server 19
  20. WOTLK Server 20
  21. WOTLK Server 21

So I actually had no idea or no clue about this myself until he made a video on it. So massive credits to him. So let’s take a look at some charts. Here I will I will pull up the charts for the current experience values needed to level up going all the way from level one to 70. Now, and here, I will also pull up a chart for the experienced values for the same level bracket.

But in the rough prepatch. As you can see, from level one to 40, the experience required is reduced by roughly 20%, which might not be much but it’s still a decent chunk throughout all of those 40 levels from level 41 to 59. Apparently the experience required isn’t changed at all, which I find to be really sketchy. But according to every single piece of information that I can find, this is what it looks like.

That being said though, at level 59. The experience required to hit level 16 is reduced by 41% Compared to before the pre patch and they through either minus 45% to hit level 61 minus 43%. State level 62 minus 41% to hit level 63 minus 37%. Level 64 minus 33% with levels is defined minus 28% to hit level 66 minus 22% to hit level 67 minus 15 percentage level 68. And lastly minus 8% With level 69.

And hitting level 70 is still the same long stretch that it’s always been, as you can see in the early outline levels have received a massive nerves to the experience required in order to level up which will significantly speed up the leveling experience. And this is why if you care about your time spent leveling up, you are much better off spending that time during the pre patch.

Because while there is a plus 50% experience event active right now, through that joyous journey event, that event will still be active during the pre patch. And if you live a lot during the pre patch with this event active you will literally melt through those levels so incredibly quick. Now what I will say is that if you’re purely under leveling, you probably just want to spend some of your restaurant experience anyway, because that restaurant experience actually makes them leveling quite fast. So if you’re mainly dungeon leveling right now, you could make an argument for leveling up Psalter right now instead of waiting for the pay package. This is because there’s a cap on how much rested experience that you can accumulate.

But even if you’re dungeon leveling, I would recommend you stop a week before the pre patch comes out. So you can enter the pre patch with maximum rest of experience so you are ready to tear off those levels. Speaking of rest of XP, make sure you check out the rest of XPS leveling add on as well as the rest of XP leveling guides through the link down below. By pre ordering the Wrath of the Lich King classic leveling guide. You also get a free copy of the level 7271 Preparation Guide, which will show you quests to pre complete in TBC classic to instantly hit level 71 At launch, and the rough leveling guides will speed up your leveling speed significantly as well.

The feedback on the rest of the speed leveling guides have been absolutely insane. And pretty much everyone I’ve seen have been very positive towards them. So once again, make sure you check them out through the link in the video description and the pinned comment. On the other hand if your primary way of leveling up alts in TBC Classic is by questing, you are much better off waiting until the rough pre patch before leveling up your old specifically for level 60s to 60 Fine, there is basically a 40% reduction in experience needed throughout AAS levels, which is actually a huge reduction in experience needed for a level and will save you a lot of time.

So instead of spending 10 hours right now, you could spend six hours in the pre patch and time is money am I right? Going back to the primary charts though we can see that from level 41 to fix your mind that are no reductions in experience needed per level. So if you have any alt within that level range, now is the perfect time to level up that character. So you are taking maximum advantage of both the joys journey event as well as the experience squish in the wrath pre patch so level up any alternative level 41 plus two level 59 but I literally just pocket until the pre patch comes out.

Personally I have a level 47 We’re looking for more alliances that I will probably try to level up to level 59, so I’m ready for the wrath pre punch, just so I have a character on fire more ready to go for Wrath of the Lich King and also, so just getting to level 4555 Plus, so I have the ability to create a death SMITE in the pre purge. Loving a death point in the pre patch will also be a lot faster than leveling up characters right now in TBC classic, once again due to that reduction in experience needed in order to level up. So if you’ve been leveling alts recently, you are dreading doing it again with the death knight just from remembering it will be a little bit faster. Not only this though, but the wrath pre patch also brings with it ruts class changes, making a lot of specs and more viable in earlier levels, and also just gives you access to more spells and abilities.

And most classes it gets enhanced through those class changes, providing a smoother and better leveling experience. That being said, though, the pre patch also comes with fresh servers for rock classic. So if you’re planning to play on those fresh servers as well as our current service, and you don’t want to sit at the computer all day during the pre batch to level up on both servers, it might be a good idea to finish leveling on the current service now, then focus on the fresh service during the pre patch.

And before anyone asks, yes, the charts with the reduced experience rates are also the ones relevant for the fresher surveys. So leveling up on those fresh surveys will be way faster than it has been if you’ve been leveling up and the most recently. All of this being said though, if you have the time to spare now, and you want to level up, there’s obviously nothing in the way of doing that. And like I’ve already said if you have a lot of rest of experience and you are looking to dungeon level leveling is pretty damn quick right now as well. And personally when I was leveling off the other day, I was averaging one level every one and a half to two hours, which I think is pretty decent without a speed leveling group, just a regular thunder group.

The main point of this video was really just to inform you guys that lovely will be faster in the pre patch itself. And I honestly did not know about these with user experience rates. So chances are this might be new information to you as well. And if you’re looking to really min max here and do the best of both worlds, you can pre complete 25 quests right now in TBC classic for them to hand them in when the pre patch arrives.

That way you capitalize on Bernie some rested experience right now if you focus on requests and you get way more percentage of your level per request you hand in due to the reduced experience rates in the pre patch itself. That is pretty much it for today though, hopefully you found this video helpful and informative. And if you’ve enjoyed it, make sure to give it a thumbs up down below. It massively helps out my channel and I honestly really appreciate it. Also make sure you are subscribed to the channel so you don’t miss out on future videos. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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